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Le 17 December 2013, 11:29 dans Humeurs 0

Poetic life, Bodhi years, a misty rain, carrying many beautiful scenery. The Millennium legend, an oil paper umbrella, swaying many dream lover of acacia. The misty rain, Dangqi who miss a lot, waiting for the millennium, in a prosperous dream.


The bridge is too unreal, hazy word history do not change the end love. Sad bridge spring wave green, was a photo to. A lake of spring water flowing into many spoony tears, how many Acacia cloud. Lakeside willows soft as water, Spring Green River South bank.


The misty rain, Jiangnan dreams. Static tasting tea, overlooking a painting. Xu breeze, amidst the Monge, youth passes as a fleeting wave., who use a pen to draw a picture of Qing Dan volatile handsome romantic painting chapter. How many dream Wonderland, haunted dreamer hearts.


Prosperous dream, dream in West Lake. Who wait who lives, who made who lives, the stone Panyou dream, a thousand years of waiting for what. The world of mortals, not is a field, how to survive. Even if the dream in heart, do not blame the love was once.


Edge of the deep reason is shallow end is the edge, traveler also fell in love, you missed this life together with the upper back, sansei stone. Love rain always, yesterday still in the scenery. Wish to keep the millennium, Bodhi compassion may become.

Past a debt

Le 17 December 2013, 11:28 dans Forme 0


I wish I was, jinshiyuan. The remotest corners of the globe, find it again and again, youth passes as a fleeting wave., reduced day by day, go as far as the mountain heavy water complex, edge to you in the dense willow trees and bright flowers in. The world of mortals, for years and years, waist Yu Yan, thin a circle again and again, people look for her thousands of Baidu, originally you in the lights dim. Margin in the dry spring night to meet, rain, moisten things silently; edge to in the cold of winter, Mei Xue meet, fragrant spring garden; margin in the days of waiting, I met you, a friend. Since then, be most willing to, accompany you to the remotest corners of the globe, only to see your Nianhua review, give a pleasant smile of a woman; since then, chord, to accompany you to the end of life, just in the ideal setting for a couple in love with you, flying.


Ah, you and I will involuntarily, falling into each other eyes, since then millions of gullies, also can't prevent you from my consensual; love, you and I will be overcome by one's feelings, branded in their heart, and the trials of a long journey, will stop you and I and two heart xu. Unfortunately, all the ancient difficult full, go with the wind to the natural. Look at the flowers fall horizon, every dance is rotating, be reluctant to part, BaiZhuanQianHui; each dust, is soundless and stirless, no regrets; more people in the world, every far Mou, is the cloud moon broken, youthful looking wear; each time waiting, is lovesickness as thin, even gradually wide. The moon is the moon, and all karma. Edge, with a spring summer autumn winter aura, with one eyebrow romantic themes of tenderness, life never abandon people; love do, pick a grain of reach the acme of perfection of the red, Ju Yipeng Zhiqing loved the tears, make an altar of acacia day drunk drunk. Shallow edge if so, just want to love, be consistent from beginning to end; love, imprint is engraved on my heart. I hate, gone with the wind; sorrow, you.


Fate, half Tiancheng coincidence, half again as before. The two men meet without feeling, life feeling know as the heartbeat, only one sentence: so you are here. Edge, a flower to a human feeling is like running water. If you wait for thousands of times, even if I countless back into first look, come: and your opposite hand hard pull. Things more difficult, such as a difficult man to white; the world is changeable, difficult to support a pay for life. However, three thousand flowers will master, a mortal heart will belong to the body, but in the world of mortals, is the fate to extradition. I believe that, in a just in time, a place, will wait until the edge of the one and only, will meet the as one wishes for you.


Go to the poor place, fate, you do not have a moment earlier, I am not late at night, just the perfect conjugal bliss, neither early nor late catches you that a glimpse, see will be engraved on bone, see will be prone to heart. With this, the red because of you I, a few more petal flower, much a few rain. Line to water, edge, you don't have one, I do not have lower step, just in the dim light, avoid leaning to either side to meet your beautiful, saw the urine in love, see clock emotion. At the same time, the world because of you I, multi brew several curtain, brewing a few altar of acacia.

Edge to be you

Le 17 December 2013, 11:27 dans Humeurs 0



A flower, life only once, Xie, only bear fruit; a marriage, I, for one, only one person. However, the previous marriage, also need a hundred years practice can get through, but, the edge of this life, but eternal return before sleeping sleep. Edge to this world, reentry, and, in this life who is who?


Originally, I was the Buddha, you are light, accompanied by light song buddhist degree, fleeting; fate, I am the cowboy, you are Vega, men tilling the farm and womenweaving, not only Yuanyang xian. Originally, I was the wind, you are a jade, once meet, prevailed but immeasurably vast difference; fate, I'm plum, you are ma, two small concentric, be full of wit and humour is not at all. Originally, I is the mountain, you are the water, encounter speechless, meeting point for strings; edge to, my friend, are you encounter confidante, Jiangnan, romantic themes drunk fleeting. After several samsara, miss a few rub shoulders, keep a few que waiting. You repair Zhengguo, wait for me to make the world of mortals, dream fall this life together. When you and I together, and be deeply attached to each other, just suddenly understand: because the original, so the edge to.


The dream falls in this life, that the United States can not be. Gently walk in, want to carry a person wearing a watch: spring, summer ten flowers; Aki Mikikeiko, winter fishing river snow. Author think quietly fleeting, with a confidante: poetry writing romantic themes, words and write them in spring summer autumn winter, song of grief at separation and joy in Union, Fu dye ink rhyme. So life like Shenxianjuanlv, nine days on earth once had. So that is what it is., even if a process, a process of water, out of the red dust, I also want to find the edge; edge to this, even if the wind, the rain is more, searching through the vast sea of humanity, I will find you. If this life margin to you, also don't waste to a world of mortals, not owe a debt in.

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