Poetic life, Bodhi years, a misty rain, carrying many beautiful scenery. The Millennium legend, an oil paper umbrella, swaying many dream lover of acacia. The misty rain, Dangqi who miss a lot, waiting for the millennium, in a prosperous dream.


The bridge is too unreal, hazy word history do not change the end love. Sad bridge spring wave green, was a photo to. A lake of spring water flowing into many spoony tears, how many Acacia cloud. Lakeside willows soft as water, Spring Green River South bank.


The misty rain, Jiangnan dreams. Static tasting tea, overlooking a painting. Xu breeze, amidst the Monge, youth passes as a fleeting wave., who use a pen to draw a picture of Qing Dan volatile handsome romantic painting chapter. How many dream Wonderland, haunted dreamer hearts.


Prosperous dream, dream in West Lake. Who wait who lives, who made who lives, the stone Panyou dream, a thousand years of waiting for what. The world of mortals, not is a field, how to survive. Even if the dream in heart, do not blame the love was once.


Edge of the deep reason is shallow end is the edge, traveler also fell in love, you missed this life together with the upper back, sansei stone. Love rain always, yesterday still in the scenery. Wish to keep the millennium, Bodhi compassion may become.